How To Delete, Disable & Manage Unused Apps on Android (2022)

How To Delete, Disable & Manage Unused Apps on Android (2022): If you want to know how to get rid of certain apps on your smartphone that came with it as default, then most smartphones have apps such as Messenger, Facebook and Chat Heads. These perform several functions in the backround and consume battery power while collecting information from other applications. They may also display prompts for you in order to add content or take actions that you don’t want. You should be safe by simply removing these apps but we can’t full stop all apps.

How To Delete Disable & Manage Unused Apps on Android

It’s important to keep in mind that even if you clear the cache, cookies, and data there’s no use. The only solution to stop those apps from running in the background is to uninstall them or disable them.

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Android System Apps Safe to Disable or Uninstall

Maintenance- wise, you’ll never need to root your device in order to disable or uninstall the preinstalled system apps. All you have to do is delete a few accounts and/or enter your Google account information. These app removals may affect stability, but not performance due to the availability of enough memory.

List of Android Apps to Disable Unwanted Apps

You can find apps that are unnecessary to have on your device by opening settings > Apps. Don’t proceed directly, here you’ll find what apps can be accessed for uninstalling and what not. Check the list of apps that you can safely disable on your without any stability issues. The list of apps provided below may vary based on the device you’re using. To find pre-installed apps, go with one by one and mark the available app types.

1Weather Peel L
AAA PhaseBeam
Accuweather Phone 2013 J LMR PhotoTable
AirMotionTryActually PickUpTutorial
AllShareCastPlayer PlayGames
AntHalService Playphone
ANTPlusPlugins Plenti
ANTPlusTest PlusOne
ANTRadioService PolarisViewer5
Amazon PreloadInstaller
Amazon Kindle QuickConnect
Amazon Music RCP Components
Amazon Prime Photos S Translator CSLi
Amazon Prime Video samsung preinstall 03 10
App Spotlight SamsungApps
AT&T Device Help SamsungAppsWidget
AT&T Usage Manager SamsungBilling
myAT&T SamsungBooks EOS
AT&T Hot Spots SamsungContentsAgent
AT&T Locker SamsungGames1.3 EOS
AT&T Remote Support SamsungHub
AT&T DriveMode SamsungHubUpdater
AT&T Direct TV SamsungLink20
AT&T Smart Limits SamsungLinkPlatform
AT&T Protect Plus SamsungMusic 20
AT&T Caller Name ID Samsungservice2 xxhdpi
BeamService SamsungVideo
Blurb SamsungWallet Stub
Bridge SamsungWidget ActiveApplication
Books SBrowser
Caller ID SBrowserTry
Caller Name ID sCloudBackupApp
ChatON MARKET sCloudDataRelay
Chrome sCloudDataSync
Cloud sCloudQuotaApp
CloudAgent sCloudSyncCalendar
ColorBlind sCloudSyncContacts sCloudSyncSBrowser
DigitalClock21 sCloudSyncSNote
DioDict3Service sCloudSyncSNote3
DIRECTV Remote SecKidsModeInstaller
DraftKings SecVideo
Drive SecVideoPlayer
Dropbox Secure Wi-Fi
DropboxOOBE SFinder
DualClockDigital ShareVideo
DSMLawmo SHealth3 5
EasyFavoritesContactsWidget Slacker
EasyLauncher SmartBriefing4x2
EasySettings SMemo2
ELMAgent SNoteProvider
Flipboard SNoteProvider
FmmDS SPDClient
GearManagerStub SPenSdk3
Gmail2 SPlannerWidget OS UPG EasyWidget
Go90 SPPPushClient Prod
GoogleEarth Sprint Family Locator
GoogleFeedback Sprint Fun & Games
GoogleSearchWidget Sprint Music Plus
GroupPlay 25 Sprint TV & Movies
Hangouts SPrintSpooler
HealthService StoryAlbum2013 L
hrs and samDePhone12 keysource StoryAlbumWidget
InteractiveTutorial Talkback
Kies Tech Expert
KLMSAgent T-Mobile Device Unlock
KnoxAttestationAgent T-Mobile Mobile Hotspot
KnoxMigrationAgent T-Mobile My Account
KnoxSetupWizardClient T-Mobile Name ID
KnoxSetupWizardStub T-Mobile Visual Voicemail
KNOXStore T-MobileTV
Lookout TravelService K
Loot TravelWidget
Message+ TripAdvisor
MobilePrintSvc Samsung Uber
Mobile Wallet Videos
Music2 Voicemail
MusicLiveShere VoiceRecorder
My Sprint Mobile VZ Protect
My Verizon Mobile VZ Navigator
Newsstand Walmart
NextRadio WeatherDaemon2013 LMR
NFL Mobile WebManual
NoiseField Wi-Fi Calling
PageBuddyNotiSvc Yahoo News Phone 2013 LMR
PCWClientS18 YahooStocks Phone 2013 LMR

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Additionally, when you delete system applications on your device it can lead to a wide variety of problems that result in the device not functioning properly. To avoid this it is important to know which system applications are safe to remove from the device. You should also be cognizant of what apps you should be avoiding at all costs as they might have been injected with malevolent code.

How to Disable or Uninstall System Apps?

This is how you disable all apps on your device with minimal hassle. To do this, unlock the device and go to Device Settings and head over to Apps. You will see a list of all installed apps, of which some represent system-installed apps. Instead of going through the steps with this long-winded paragraph, just go ahead and click on three dots in the top right corner and access these more streamlined options.

You must view your entire list of apps and compare them to the one in this article before you can find any that are unnecessary. In the comparison, identify any junk or “redundant” apps by scrolling down through the list of application names. Once found, click on the app’s name and verify that it is listed in another column of apps. For Example, If an app is on the list but not listed in other columns, select it from the list and follow instructions below.

  • Uninstall App

If you are having difficulty uninstalling an app from your device, click on the uninstall button. If the button is not clickable, there might be a reason why this cannot happen. Try the following:

  • Force Stop

Press the Stop button if you want to close the application. There is also a warning that pops up, giving you an option of whether or not to do so.

  • Disable App

At last, you’ll see another warning that states “Do you want to replace this app with the factory version?”. Go ahead and click ‘Accept’ then it will roll back the apps with previous versions of Android i.e. what is at the time of purchase. It has been disabled.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Delete, Disable & Manage Unused Apps on Android

Is it Really Safe to Disable or Uninstall Android System Apps?

By eliminating the bloatware installed by default, you are left only with the apps that you need. To make sure all the apps on there work, search for “bloatware” in the topic above for a list of apps that are safe to remove.

How to Disable System Apps on My Android Device?

To remove unwanted apps on your Android device, open the settings app, then select "Apps". Find any app and click the three dots at the top right of the screen to access its options. Finally, you will be able to disable them all. Check each one and disable it.

What Should I Do When the Warning Message Appears?

If the pop-up ‘Pressing the force stop button may cause your app to misbehave’ appears, click to proceed and force stop the app. It doesn’t matter if you’re halfway through an important process, just finish it and continue on with what you were doing.

What Apps Can I Remove from My Android Device?

It is best to check the permissions for apps to ensure safety, privacy and battery life. If you find an app that is not needed, check settings and uninstall or disable it.

Why Does Bloatware Come Pre-Installed on Android Devices?

Manufacturers’ apps that you don't use or need can clog up your system and quickly drain your battery - which can lead to performance issues or instability. If you don't need those apps, uninstall or disable them from your device.


Almost all devices have these bloatware applications, which when untouched can continuously perform tasks like slowing down the device and running an inefficient usage rate. When you don’t use these apps, you can improve your device’s performance by disabling or uninstalling them.

Rooted Android devices can be unfriendly when it comes to removing pre-installed apps that manufacturers experiment with. If you want to remove a pre-installed app without causing any instability, use the article as a guide on how to disable or uninstall an app. After disabling, keep your device and all factory apps intact by using the same methods listed above this paragraph or comment section to find out more on How To Delete, Disable & Manage Unused Apps on Android.

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