Free PUBG Mobile Accounts With ID and Password (#November 27, 2022)

Free PUBG Mobile Accounts With ID and Password (#November 27, 2022): Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) – the game that changed the history of Battle Royale is one of the most popular games in the genres of Battle Royale, Shooter, and Action-Adventure games. For hardcore gamers worldwide who love kill-based shooter games, PUBG was developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio.

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Most multiplayer games are now popular, attracting players with a range of ingenious concepts such as exciting characters, robust weapons, and exclusive skins. PUBG was also one of the pioneers in this rapidly growing market. The game first released to mobile on Android and iOS back on March 19th 2018, but had already been used in the past for many mods and other modifications. However, the recent iterations have been very well optimized which has allowed it to grow into an overnight smash hit. The game is featured on a wide number of platforms today including Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S, and Playstation 5.

PUBG fans, the time has finally come for you. We have some of the highest quality premium accounts in store that are completely free to play. If you’re interested in taking a chance, sign in today and jump into a new battlefield with everything unlocked! There’s so much content waiting for you on your opponent side that you shouldn’t be surprised at all. PUBG’s free premium accounts are even more exciting than expected! Take your victory lap early with one of these amazing lists below and pick your favorite game here!

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What are PUBG Free Accounts and Passwords

With the release of PUBG, you’ve got to sign into the game through your Gmail or Facebook account. But if you block or restrict your account, you can’t get back in without working hard and your time is wasted. Don’t worry, it was all a joke! We have the latest collection of PUBG accounts and passwords right here for your use.

With many free PUBG accounts, you can now play to higher levels and purchase cosmetics and more with no hindrance. Competitive Free PUBG Accounts have UC, BP, Gunskins, Outfits, and advanced weapons! These Account’s balance is seamlessly optimized for competitive play so you won’t be stopped by the game’s difficulty or lack of In-Game items.

PUBG Free Accounts and Passwords with High Level and Gun Skins

Although each and every PUBG account and password has many extras, if you sign in with any of the guaranteed working accounts listed below, you can play for free with no time-consuming effort! Our premium AKM Gun Skins, M416 Glacier Gun Skins, SK12 Gun Skins, and Snipers icon items like KR 98, M24, etc. You can experience these items with a little bit of luck or by playing well. If you prefer not to risk anything, sign in to your game with one of the free PUBG accounts down below that already have these bonuses.

With these free PUBG account with premium skins, anyone can play from a higher level without having to spend actual game currencies. With the latest PUBG updates, it has also been made easier to monetize your account with Royale Pass missions for rare skins. Grab the skins you want by completing RP missions for free and enjoy playing with your friends.

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PUBG Premium Accounts and Passwords

Get your hands on that delicious chicken dinner with the help of our latest collection of PUBG premium accounts and passwords. From the list above, you’ve seen a range of free PUBG accounts with high levels. Here in this section, the PUBG premium free account has PUBG Prime subscribed for both Android and iOS. It means you don’t have to pay 1$ or 1.10$ every month. No matter the device you got. Jump to the list and check every PUBG premium free account, and then stick to the working one. PUBG Prime subscription offers 5 UC per day, which allows users to purchase in-game items for 7 days or 30 days for a period of time with the battle points (BP) in-game currency.

It’s surprising to find that the subscription is not just 30 days. For every PUBG Premium free account, we’ve listed below, we extend the subscription plan for the next two months. It means you’re getting the benefits of the premium plan for 90 days. Isn’t it amazing? Without wasting a moment, try checking one by one and from this second and get yourself one working PUBG premium free account for your Android or iOS without paying a single dime. All are safe and no secondary verification is required. Just copy the logins and sign in to PUBG.

Email Password
[email protected] Chersycolom
[email protected] Hanstoytneg3054
[email protected] lalponyo5938
[email protected] enabiltouven54
[email protected] Zuoadracli
[email protected] Coolpubg2020
[email protected] prime537Xar
[email protected] Ciriclemortes
[email protected] Hollandfralko3924
[email protected] gorviltapb40295
[email protected] brovfaytolsk
[email protected] kaltavXapial
[email protected] lolifanbrefse029
[email protected] Primagolfs42
[email protected] Meting39292
[email protected] Lollipoptvip
[email protected] nowiaxirs
[email protected] Overclokcar42
[email protected] Mtgotels265
[email protected] saklayip4201
[email protected] ofittopiclark
[email protected] lolifanbrefse029
[email protected] Primagolfs42
[email protected] Meting39292
[email protected] Lollipoptvip
[email protected] nowiaxirs
[email protected] Overclokcar42
[email protected] Mtgotels265
[email protected] saklayip4201
[email protected] ofittopiclark
[email protected] legend2020HY
[email protected] khds8778pro
[email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] kINGpasss

Free PUBG Mobile KR Accounts With Password

If you’re looking for ways to survive on the battlefield, there are now ways to do it without any hassles. Find some of these PUBG Mobile KR accounts and passwords below that can unlock thousands of Unknown Cash and Battle Points. Furthermore, many skins that you want like SergeantMajor, BikerScout or M1-LAW will be unlocked on your first use. If you’d rather have a different look or change your gender in the game, use the BP available in your account to buy Soldier Crates and do so without participating in matches or missions.

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You don’t need to sign up with any of the third-party websites to get a fully unlocked version of the PUBG apk. If this doesn’t work for you, you can download the PUBG mod apk from any free source and use it with one of your working PUBG mobile KR accounts for a better experience. Downloading the app is quick and easy. You can also try to setup a working PUBG account from scratch even though it is banned. The PUBG mod apk offers unlimited UC and BP, plus other fancy items in the shop. After downloading it, set it up just by clicking “Play” on its icon on your Android device’s homescreen without having to do anything else since it is very lightweight and portable.

Email Password
[email protected] 12345682
[email protected] lovethioppp
[email protected] 21021985
[email protected] terminantor29
[email protected] coolkidbres
[email protected] superiorman
[email protected] thebest2453
Adwilired200[email protected] terminantor29

Hacked Free PUBG Premium Accounts and Passwords

From the lists above, you can see a variety of premium PUBG accounts and an alternative way that offers the same benefits as the official app. If you don’t find a working account, try checking these hacked PUBG premium accounts and passwords. If you need unlimited UC and BP, the following are the accounts that best suit all your needs. To fully experience the game by getting rid of trial levels, sign in to the game with hacked PUBG premium accounts and passwords and keep playing higher levels by switching your avatar’s clothes, gun skins, hair, gender and appearance.

The PUBG premium account and password hacked is protected with an active email. You won’t face any issues using these compromised accounts. As the PUBG Prime subscription is active, it’s also valid for the next two months. Now, it’s your chance to pay for a lifetime’s worth of entertainment in days instead of months.

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Email Password
[email protected] 123456789
[email protected] agit2131
[email protected] 3569851426
[email protected] jackjones333
[email protected] 64851325454
[email protected] 55major55
[email protected] yusuf2005
[email protected] danielbrown5
[email protected] thebestman856

List of Free PUBG Mobile Accounts with Email and Passwords

PUBG is now available on a range of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S, and Playstation 5. With these legitimate PUBG premium accounts and passwords, choose the device and sign in to the game to go premium for a period of 6 months since the legit PUBG premium accounts and passwords we’ve listed in this section are subscribed to PUBG Prime Plus by paying $5.00 and is valid for one month. PUBG Prime Plus is the topmost subscription plan and offers better UC and other benefits than PUBG Prime subscription by paying $10.00 i.e. 20 UC and 10 RP every day. It means you’ll get 5,000 UC and 300 RP at the end of the month.

You will also have the option to buy items with BP and other permanent items too. Are the one-month subscriptions enough for you or do you need more? We hear this question all the time. The legit PUBG premium accounts are valid for 90 days and so are the regular, free ones. So, friends, you’ll be able to enjoy content on your own terms every month.

Email Password
[email protected] bgmi232312
[email protected] bgmiqq666
[email protected] 18954515421
[email protected] sfds3434
[email protected] 12332123a
[email protected] nicebgmigame
[email protected] perez200
[email protected] saas54233
[email protected] z61961960
[email protected] vipcocacc8
[email protected] 55major56
[email protected] prouser65
[email protected] 864538455

How to Get PUBG for Free of Cost

The popular game PUBG released by Tencent Games is free to play but does not have virtual goods. In order to get them, you must participate in matches, complete missions, kill players, cause damage, and keep playing. PUBG offers virtual goods on all three degrees of complexity: prime (UC grants the player a premium account), plus (BP allows for purchasing items with in-game currencies), and UC (you can buy UC directly). Let’s see how to get a PUBG Prime Plus subscription for free of cost.

Opt for Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime membership offers free shipping and streaming content, like the game PUBG Mobile. If you’re interested in signing up for the service, start a free trial with this link. For those who don’t have a Prime account, click “Start your free 30-day trial” to get started. After the trial, you’ll be able to claim exclusive items in the game PUBG Mobile for iOS or Android.

Install Any VPN

Another way to get PUBG Prime/Prime Plus on PC for all your Steam endeavors without paying a small fortune is to use Public VPN, which simultaneously provides security and benefits. Here’s how to get the PUBG Prime/Prime Plus subscription free of cost using any VPN, providing you a secure connection. The first step is to download and install any VPN app on your device from the Play Store. After connecting successfully and exiting a country, you can create a Google account that will provide an address as well as a Google Play redeem code for the same country. After following these steps, you can redeem the redeem code now to opt for a PUBG Prime or Prime Plus subscription.

How to Cancel PUBG Prime Subscription

When it comes to cancelling subscription plans, uninstalling the app is not the solution. So instead of uninstalling PUBG, cancel the subscription plan on your Google Play account’s billing section. Follow the steps below to cancel your Prime Membership: first go to the Play Store and tap on your profile icon; then choose Payments and Subscriptions; finally select Subscriptions and tap Cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is PUBG UC?

You can buy PUBG USD or PUBG UC, which is a bundle of the base game and Prime. If you want to only buy US dollars, you can get 60 US dollars for $0.13, 300 US dollars for $0.64, 600 US dollars for $1.14, 1500 US dollars for $3.15, or 3000 US dollars for $7.71 and 6000 US dollars for $16.4 depending on how many UCT or UC players want to purchase.

What Are the Platforms Supported By PUBG?

With the later versions of PUBG, now available for a variety of platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5.

What Are Free PUBG Accounts?

Signing in to the game with this list of PUBG premium accounts will let you play at higher levels and provide everything you need, free. It means you don't have to spend a lot of time and money acquiring in-game items and currency; an easy way to jumpstart your PUBG experience is to sign in with these free premium accounts.

What Is the Price of PUBG Prime for Android?

You can enjoy PUBG Prime for up to 50% off its price starting at 1,09$ per month on iOS and for 9.90$ per month on Android with the 30-day plan. The plan offers 5 UC daily, in-app purchases for Battle Points and the ability to purchase game items with your Battle Points.

Is It Safe to Use Free PUBG Accounts?

It is safe to use the accounts mentioned in this post because there are no any third-party accounts. Each and every account is active and these are all official PUBG accounts.


Quick and free access to the PUBG game with thousands of UC and BP is available for you with these free PUBG Mobile Accounts. For those in need, these accounts work great for any level from a beginner to professional. You’ll have access an arsenal of weapons, outfits and much more to win at online tournaments like the last man standing. With every account comes hundreds of tasks; take your chances to go pro in the warzone!

Digitize your contacts and replace them with their digitized versions on the account you own. All passwords are safe, generated for free, and require no personal information for anyone to use. If you have any questions about this post, ask below.

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