Toy Blast Cheats: Insane Guide, Tips and Strategies 2022

Toy Blast Cheats: Insane Guide, Tips and Strategies 2022: Sharpen your brain with a new Match 3D strategy game from ‘Peak’ available both on Android and iOS platforms. The concept is to help Amy collect more precious toys by matching two or more blocks that are of the same colour. Once you do it, the level gets cleared, and Amy will be happy. This game is different than traditional Match 3D games because of its unique features like a mechanic of collecting the toys that have been removed from the puzzle and in-strategy time bonuses for players who are getting ahead or slipping behind.

toy blast cheats

If you want to try out Toy Blast and see how well you are, please go ahead and try playing the game and test your skills. Toy Blast provides power-ups, boosters, and other helpful tricks that can be utilized during gameplay in order to help clear a level. If you’re ready to help Amy play the game, visit our blog for cheats, tips, hacks that can make the game completely easy for you.

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Toy Blast Cheats, Tips, Hacks and Guide to Clear all the Levels:

If you’ve been playing Toy Blast, wondering how to win easily and quickly, this article will show you the best tips, tricks and cheats for boosting your gameplay.

The game has many more levels than other matching games, which helps you reach new stages with ease. All of these Toy Blast tips help players cross difficult parts of their own play-throughs.

Recover Your Lost Lives

If you’re playing Toy Blast on your Android or tablet, head to date-time settings and set them ahead by half an hour for each life that you want to recover. After doing so, fall back to the game. If you do this, all of your hearts will be recovered, and in order to regain all of them, once again visit date-time settings and set it back to normal.

This simple adjustment recovers all of your lives and also returns your device back to its previous time. There are no limits to how many times you can adjust the setting–just make as many adjustments as you’d like hassle free.

Assemble More Blocks

If you want to compete with main objective of Toy Blast, you have to score more within the given number of moves. Though, connect 2 blocks of the same colour and try for 4 blocks to get the best results. If you’re good at trying to solve puzzles, try for super big matches such as 8+ blocks or more. This will earn multiple bonuses in each level. To do it, view all corners of the game screen until you find several blocks of the same color placed relatively close to each one.

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Whenever you come across a block that looks like it might be in a combo with other blocks, connect them. Never force anything and always make sure to check other options before proceeding. Keep an eye on the moves and requirements at every level of this game, and you’ll find an overall strategy that suits your skills.

Aim for 3 Stars

Every time you reach a new level, the progress bar on top of the screen shows how many stars you need to upgrade. After five stars have been collected, play until you get three more to finish at five. The best time saver is to try once and fix what doesn’t work by trying again with the same solution and then again after that.

For difficult levels, two stars are enough because the game encourages exploration in order to earn three stars. However, if you feel unsatisfied after attempting for a fifth time, feel free to keep trying until all five stars are obtained and then move on! This entire process depends on your imagination and personal ability to stick with it.

Try to Get More Coins

Earning coins is not an easier process because they are Toy Blast’s premium currency. But to earn the maximum number of coins without opting for any premium purchases, use Facebook as a source. If you’re using a mobile or tablet you have an advantage, link your Facebook to receive 25 of them for free.

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There is a rumor that says the game’s developers put in a system which makes it easy to earn coins by playing in-game ads and inviting friends to play. You just heard one! In case you don’t have friends to play the game, add people through fan groups and play Toy Blast.

Therefore, link your Facebook and receive 25 coins instantly. If you don’t have an account, create one and link the game. Moreover, you can also ask your friends for ‘lives’ if necessary.

Prioritize the Goals in Every Level

The best cheats for the game, Toy Blast, can be found with the help of this guide. Every level has specific goals. Some levels ask you to play through the game and clear a certain number of toys or blocks. For example, one requirement might be to earn a maximum score by meeting all these goals.

Another goal might be to make a combo booster that is packable for passing each level. You start at the top left of the screen on every level, so prioritize each goal at each level and make sure you do not run out of moves in order to reach the levels in the allotted time. Use new strategies and never find yourself stuck too far behind your competitor’s scoreline.

How to Get and Use Special Tiles

While you are given three types of tile, the Rotor, TNT, and Puzzle Cube , with these tiles it is possible to create special effects such as three stars and a maxed out point. After using these tiles multiple times they will blow up!

This gives you maximum points or puts you over three stars. You don’t need these special tiles to complete the level but they explode on their own at the end anyways.

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Match Various Special Tiles

For example, if you merge a Rotor and TNT, your board will be covered with 2 mega Rotors. To double your explosions, use two puzzle cubes together. This will trigger the detonation function for the entire board of blocks.

Get stars in order to explode the tiles and gain coins throughout the level. If you find it difficult keep trying different options such as adding clones, bumping into walls or splitting into pairs.

Form Special Blocks

When you find two blocks with a special symbol in the center, tap on that block to place a tile. Remember it and use such tiles as often as possible. If you insert them next to each other, you’ll get even more benefits every time you do it and that can change the game. This Toy Blast cheat is one of our favorites! Look for symbols between blocks of the same color to place special tile which will provide you with more benefits.

Use Boosters to Clear the Levels

As you complete the game levels, you’ll find boosters to help you get through the demanding areas of the game. There are multiple boosters scattered throughout the game. Try to pick a booster before playing the game so that you can clear whatever level you come across more easily and quickly. Be smart about which boosters you use because there will only be a few left by the end of your playthrough.

Don’t Neglect Power-Ups

With power-ups like Power Rings, TNTs, and Puzzle Cubes that automatically get selected before starting a level. When you activate them, the game starts automatically. These give you more ways to earn more power-ups later so don’t waste them too early. Start collecting boosters until the higher levels and save them for when you need the extra help.

Collect Stars to Open Star Chest

By collecting stars, you can find many great rewards. There are no limits for collecting coins to unlock the Pandora’s Box, but you need at least 30 stars. Put maximum effort and get those 30 stars by your busy schedule, because each chest gives even more coins and boosters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Earn More Coins Instantly?

If you want to play the game with unlimited coins, you should use Facebook as a source. If you're playing on a mobile or tablet, link Facebook and receive 25 coins for doing so. If you don't have friends to play this way, add people via fan groups and play--also giving those people five coins. The game also has a tutorial attached to it so even if you choose not to continue playing after your initial tutorial is completed, your progress still remains! Without an account, create one and tie in Toy Blast!

How to Get Bonus Tiles?

While some bonuses are given for linking certain tiles, others must be distributed. For example, if you link a Rotor and TNT together, you will get two mega Rotors covering 3 columns and rows both vertically and horizontally. With that said, double puzzle cubes require two puzzle cubes placed one on top of another for creating an explosion. Furthermore, there's more combinations listed in the previous paragraph as well.

How to Score More Within the Given Number of Moves?

For more points in every level, connect more blocks of the same color, or vice versa. If you are good at solving puzzles and connecting unique types of blocks, try to achieve a big combo like 8+ blocks or more. To do it, first find those valuable blocks and clear away the rest of the blocks between them so they can create a bigger match.

Are There Any Toy Blast Hacks to Recover Lost Lives?

One of the best Toy Blast tips is to adjust time and set it ahead so that each life regenerates by half an hour.


These are the best Toy Blast cheats, tips and hacks to clear each and every level with ease. With coins to collect, stars to collect, tiles to collect, there are many ways to get what you need. There will be blessings waiting for you when you replay levels. Don’t let the boosts or other items in the game go waste.

When you play this fun game, you will have some tips and cheats to share with friends. If you liked the article, tell your friends about it and follow our page to learn more on trending topics of your interest.

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