Where to find Holo-Chests in Fortnite and how to open them

Holo-Chests are a new type of loot container that can be found around the map in Fortnite. There are two types of chests in fortnite, regular ones and the exotics. In this article, we’ll show you where to find them and how to open them.

fortnite halo chests

What are Holo-Chests In Fortnite?

Holo-Chests are a type of interactive object that can be found in the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite. When opened, they will display a hologram of the contents inside, which can include weapons, traps, and other items. Holo-Chests can be found in a variety of locations around the map, but they are most commonly found in high-traffic areas such as near spawn points or in the middle of major landmarks.

To open a Holo-Chest, simply approach it and press the interact button. The hologram will then disappear and reveal the loot inside. Be sure to keep an eye out for enemy players while you’re looting, as they may try to take advantage of your distraction!

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How To Open Normal & Exotic Holo-Chests In Fortnite?

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There are two types of Holo-Chests in Fortnite: normal and exotic. To open a normal Holo-Chest you will be required one vault key, after you get one vault key simply approach it and press the “use” button. An exotic Holo-Chest, on the other hand, requires two vault keys to open. You can find Exotic Holo-Chests that contain exquisite items, which saves your Gold Bars to use it later for other resources. When it comes to game modes such as team games in Fortnite, Vaults are the best option. If you are playing solo and prefer to use portals, we recommend using more Vault Keys instead of invading another player’s Holo-Chest for loot.

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How to find vault keys for Holo-Chests in Fortnite

fortnite vault keys

In order to find vault keys for Holo-Chests in Fortnite, you will need to search for them in specific locations. Vault Keys have a unique sound that makes it easier for players to find them. The most likely places to find them are inside of chests, supply drops, or by eliminating the player having vault keys. You can also purchase them from the item shop, but they are generally more expensive. Keep an eye out for special events that may offer vault key rewards as well.

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