YouTube Pink Apk 17.28.34 Latest Version Download 2022

YouTube Pink Apk 17.28.34 Latest Version Download 2022 : YouTube is a great outlet for people to watch interesting video content, whether it be instructional or entertaining. People generally use YouTube to stay updated with current events and teens are the most prone users with more than 60% of YouTube vloggers being under 18-years-old. With that said, YouTube provides everyone with valuable information, as well as opportunities to earn money through content creation.

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YouTube may be a very powerful platform of original content, with many interesting features, but it still has some limitations. The official version of YouTube is somewhat frustrating to use because you can’t watch your own videos in the background, there’s no control over the brightness of the screen, etc. Besides these issues and potential problems with ad revenue for certain content creators, there are other ways to try without getting your hands dirty in terms that you can understand. As such we have talked about every detail like features and technical information to share with you on this article including how to download and install YouTube Pink mod Apk on Android devices.

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What is YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

This mod is from the same team that does most of their work for the original YouTube app. This modified version loses some features, but includes a bunch of cool features such as minimizing and picture-in-picture mode. You can’t download this from Play Store, so all community help is needed to find it, plus if you want to make your pink view really pop, you’ll need an emulator.

Technical Features of YouTube Pink Mod Apk

App Name YouTube Pink Mod Apk
Version Latest
Ratings 4.1+
Compatibility Android 4.0 and Up
Size 66.6 MB
Price Free
Category Apps, Video Players
Developer Team Vanced
Downloads 50k+

Features of YouTube Pink Apk

YouTube Pink Apk is a modified version of the original YouTube. The app has been launched with some additional enticing features that are capturing and luring users in more than the authentic version of the website. Some of the app’s remarkable features have been discussed above.

Exclusive Theme

One of the best features that make YouTube Pink stand out are its endearing theme options and customizability. You can feel like you’re exploring a child’s world with its colorful themes, pink app icon, and everything you find will appear in an eye-catching color. Its eccentric design is perfect for someone looking for a less harsh web experience or someone who has difficulty with high contrast colors. It allows users to change their theme from pink to other colors to suit their style.

Recommendation Module

With the recommendation engine, YouTube Mod Apk makes watching videos more fun. Instead of scrolling through active YouTube video options, you will be prompted with a list of videos as per your interests and previous viewing history. For example, if you like to watch videos about technology, YouTube Pink Apk will show you those videos on its recommendation module for faster engagement.

Dark Mode

Social media companies like YouTube are now observing a trend of providing users with dark mode. From providing greater protection for eyesight to being more comfortable in front of screens, dark mode encourages healthy and productive usage. On YouTube, you can change your theme from light to dark by going to ‘settings’ and turning on the option of ‘dark mode’ from there.

Background Mode

The new feature that makes YouTube with Pink Apk stand out is its ability to place a background mode on. When you watch a video on YouTube or switch to another application and the video stops playing automatically, you can no longer use other apps while in the background mode. To work through this issue, YouTube with Pink Apk offers an option called “Continuous Mode” where you can continue doing your work and watch videos at the same time.

There are particular social media platforms that the original YouTube doesn’t offer a pause option, so YouTube Pink Mod Apk gives you back this functionality. Sometimes, music is a good way to interact with friends and make them feel comfortable. With YouTube Pink Mod Apk background mode, you’re able to enjoy music and chat simultaneously.

Screen Brightness

One of YouTube Pink’s most impressive features is its ability to dynamically change the screen brightness. If you can’t stand adjusting the light levels again and again, you don’t need to worry with YouTube Pink Apk because it will allow you to adjust the brightness with a simple slide of your finger. YouTube Pink Apk also boasts other features such as smooth streaming, making it more popular than other similar apps available in stores across the world.

On-Repeating Videos Streaming Option

YouTube is an entertaining and most visited website that often gets you to enjoy videos over and over again. However, it’s quite inconvenient to click on the video every time you wanted to watch it without any problems. YouTube Pink Mod Apk can help you solve this problem by providing a feature which enables the play button for repeated playback of your videos without any drawbacks.

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Playing Videos Without Restriction

Every person has faced restriction-related issues. With age restrictions or country restrictions, it is the most annoying problem while viewing YouTube videos. But with the YouTube Pink Mod APK, there is no need to worry about restrictions. Apart from that, you don’t need to apply a secondary method or download any app for YouTube videos. You want to access them? Then get on with the YouTube Purple Mod Apk. Another reason for its immense popularity is that this mod removes all restrictions from YouTube videos which led to an increase in viewership and fame!

Ad-Free Videos

These days, YouTube has become filled with many advertisements. Ads are the major hindrance in enjoying the videos you watch on YouTube. You can avoid these Ads by downloading YouTube Pink Mod Apk, which allows you to watch ad-free. No matter where you are watching Youtube video, be able to enjoy it with ads free at your leisure.

Double-Tap Feature

One of the best features that is very beneficial to almost everyone is YouTube Red which allows you to close videos when you want and it doesn’t even take any time. This is helpful if you don’t want to waste time scrolling back down, or if you simply would just like to stop watching a video for a short period of time. If you are watching a video, just swipe up and tap twice on the screen where advertisements play to pop up with the YouTube Red icon.

Video Minimizing Feature

With an easy-to-access minimize button, you can watch videos simultaneously while working on other applications. Copymatic features a consistency and speed more similar to those of a human than a computer which allows for an enjoyable user experience and reduced cognitive load.

No Cost Services

If a subscription-based app has these features, why would Google’s AI have to do so much more? YouTube Pink Mod Apk offers these perks for free. It comes with a dedicated section for videos and subscriptions, music and audio, interactive media and games. Even the natural language processing is available to help you out in all the situations. Click on the download link to get all of this in one app for free!

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How to Download YouTube Pink Apk for Android:

You can download the YouTube Pink Mod Apk, which aims to stop ads from appearing on videos. It is easy to install and operate, so if you use an Android device, you can get this app for your device just by following a few steps.

How to Install YouTube Pink Mod Apk on your Android Device

The only way to install the YouTube Pink Modded version of the YouTube app on your device is to allow access to apps downloaded from Google Play in your settings, make sure that you have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled (this is needed so that you can download an app such as ‘YouTube Pink Mod Apk’ in the first place). Following these steps, it will be easy for you to get a modified YouTube app. This method will work if you have an Android device and not if you have an iPhone or iPad.

To install YouTube Pink Mod Apk, open the File Manager app and download the mod’s Android file. If you encounter errors, do as explained below. From your device’s settings, navigate to ‘Apps & Permissions’ > ‘Manage Apps’ > ‘File Manager’ and enable the option: “Allow Unknown Sources”. After that, repeat the process of installing YouTube Pink Mod Apk for Android as did previously. Finally, try using YouTube pink mod Apk on your Android device – it will be installed with no problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube Pink Apk?

YouTube Pink Mid Apk is an Android-based mod of the original YouTube app. It features a litany of appealing features such as background video playing, dark theme, and even ads-free streaming from the app. In addition to stunningly vibrant aesthetics, it boasts a myriad of interactive and entertaining aspects.

What is YouTube Vanced Pink?

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the original YouTube application, and provides lots of great features that aren’t available in the authentic one. It’s an in-demand Apk for different types of users.

What does YouTube Pink Mod Apk offer?

YouTube Blue Mod Apk offers plenty of features, such as the pink theme and background video playing module, as well as various other convenient options such as screen brightness, etc. It was available when specifically stated that in its entirety being free.

Where to download YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

For YouTube app downloading, you should click on the download link in this post and send the user to OneDrive automatically. Wait for a few seconds and the downloaded file will be located in your browser. For ease of understanding, the steps are laid out in detail from top to bottom.

How to Login into My Account On YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

To access your account on YouTube Vanced Pink Apk, download the microG app, it will help you to use your social media site account.

What Are the Differences Between the Original YouTube Application And YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

Despite being a modified version of the official YouTube app, this application is packed with many unique features. One that isn’t on the original YouTube app is background playing, which you can do without paying anything. You won’t find this application in the Google Play store and to get it, visit the link above.

Is YouTube Pink Mod Apk Safe to Download?

A third-party app, YouTube Pink Mod Apk seems suspicious because it is not available on the official Google Play Store; however, by following a safe and secure source, you can use this app safely on your device - even if you do so. For safety take antivirus applications to device regularly.

Will I Earn Money by Using YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

You cannot earn money by uploading videos on YouTube Pink Mod Apk, even though the app doesn't show any ads while streaming.

How to Download YouTube Pink Apk for Android?

To download YouTube Pink for android you have to click the link given above in this blog post. You’ll then be redirected to a new page where you will have to wait 15 seconds or until the download is completed. After that, the Apk will start downloading automatically on your device. Find the downloaded Apk on the File Manager and click on install button (also enable Unknown Sources option from device settings). Once YouTube Pink is installed, tap on open button once your android device.


If you love YouTube and hate the unexpected ads that are now flooding the site, get the Android app today. This apk will give you full access to YouTube videos anywhere you go with a normal network connection. The modified design of this app is reliable for everyone who uses YouTube but wants an ad-free viewing experience.

Sleep mode lies on the top of a few features that you get in YouTube Mod Apk. Double tap this app and you can quickly sleep while listening to music, chatting with friends, or even watching videos. Instead of worrying about forgetting your settings, everything remains stable and usable without any interruptions. For More Apps & Games Visit AN1.

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